Many of the world’s leading companies rely on Ecolab to help them meet business goals while making a positive impact. We offer scientific expertise, smart water management, hygiene solutions, infection prevention, best-in-class technologies, data-driven insights and personalized service to customers in virtually every industry.


We're able to advance people, planet and business health by leveraging our breadth of experience. We partner with customers to help them improve water conservation, operational performance and productivity so they can operate responsibly and profitably.

People Health

With more than 1,200 scientists, engineers and technical specialists, we help our customers address both known and emerging public health and food safety issues. Our solutions and services help promote good hygiene, address water scarcity and prevent the spread of pathogens to keep people healthy where they eat, sleep, work, play and heal. Our experts help keep food safe all along the supply chain, helping prevent foodborne illnesses and providing safe, high-quality food for people around the world. And our purification solutions for the healthcare, personal care and pharmaceutical industries help enable product safety and quality for life-saving drugs and vaccines.

By 2030, we expect to positively impact the lives of more than 3 billion people each year through water, food and hygiene solutions.

Planet Health

At Ecolab, we believe what’s good for the planet is good for business. If done well, operating sustainably can cost less, not more, and we help customers prioritize sustainability while advancing operational goals. We advise on smart water use and water conservation systems to help customers improve water resiliency and business outcomes. Our tailored solutions drive profitability while advancing sustainability.

By 2030, we expect to achieve a positive water and climate impact by saving water and avoiding emissions.

Business Health

We help businesses thrive by building resilience and reducing risk to help safeguard their reputations and their bottom line. We do this by providing deep expertise and comprehensive programs to help customers solve complex operational challenges and meet business goals. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and a leader in water conservation strategies, embracing our role in ESG and operating ethically and sustainably.

We help businesses achieve sustainable outcomes alongside exponential economic return.

As a trusted partner to our customers, we deliver value through comprehensive programs that help them achieve people, planet and business health – and help them measure their impact and progress toward their business goals.

2022 Ecolab Science Certified (ESC) logo aligns with the new Ecolab brand refresh

Ecolab Science Certified™

The Ecolab Science Certified program is a comprehensive, science-based public health and food safety program that helps businesses including hotels, restaurants and grocery stores advance cleaner, safer practices to achieve a higher level of cleanliness. Businesses that commit to these rigorous standards and periodic audits earn the Ecolab Science Certified seal.

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Ecolab Water for Climate™

The Ecolab Water for Climate program helps companies meet their ambitious climate goals without compromising business growth. Ecolab Water for Climate provides holistic solutions that are designed to close the gap between corporate goals and site-level needs, offering customers tiered, outcome-based water solutions tailored to their industry. By bringing together science, strategy and on-the-ground solutions, we can help customers work toward their goals to reduce environmental footprint, increase profitability and advance sustainable growth.

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We call it eROI: The exponential value of improved performance, operational efficiency and sustainable impact.

We start with what matters most to our customers – performance – and link performance outcomes to environmental and social metrics and cost savings to demonstrate the triple-bottom-line benefits of sustainability.

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Growth & Impact Report

Moving Forward, Faster, Together

Ecolab is working with our customers and supply partners to build a positive future. Together, we are creating lasting positive impact while driving business growth.