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Ecolab Science Certified™ Program

Better Science = Better Business
Improving Your Business With The Science of Clean

Ecolab Science Certified™ is a comprehensive, science based public health and food safety program that provides the products, training, and process efficiencies to help ensure your staff and customers experience the highest levels of cleanliness and the operational and business benefits that come with it. It’s the Ecolab Science Certified seal difference.

With increased expectations for cleaning and food safety and continuing labor challenges, the program helps businesses deliver a higher level of cleanliness by combining hospital disinfectants and other science-backed cleaning solutions along with detailed training and procedures designed to reduce labor.

Together, we can advance cleaner, safer practices and build confidence with your employees and customers.

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Become Science Certified

Businesses that implement the program requirements – including public health, food safety and pest elimination solutions and employee training – and pass the Ecolab Science Certified audit earn the ability to use the Ecolab Science Certified seal.

Interested in becoming Ecolab Science Certified?

A Visible Commitment to Cleaner, Safer Practices

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a visible commitment to clean and evidence of hygiene and public health best practices. With the Ecolab Science Certified seal, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to advancing cleaner, safer practices by meeting the program’s rigorous criteria.

Consumers expectations for health and safety remain highly important, including:

  • 95% want to see as much or more cleaning now and into the future (post pandemic)
  • 70% are concerned that businesses will reduce their health and safety practices in the future
  • 71% want to see employees visibly cleaning
  • 64% want hospital products used
  • 47% want independent audits completed
  • 86% say a business’s commitment to public health and safety factors into their decision to patronize that location1

The Ecolab Science Certified seal helps consumers recognize hospitality, food service, food retail and other businesses committed to advancing cleaner, safer practices, promoted through a robust advertising and public awareness campaign.

1 Ecolab proprietary research conducted March 2022.

Labor Study: A Differentiator In A Difficult Labor Market

The study shows how the Ecolab Science Certified™ program is helping solve workplace challenges across multiple industries.

The study surveyed over 600 lodging, grocery and restaurant employees working at ESC affiliates and found that the ESC program not only improved the health and safety of the workplace, but also improved its partners’ company culture. Results show:

Smiling chef in the restaurant market

84% of Restaurant Employees say the ESC program creates a safer, healthier workplace.

Smiling woman in the hospitality market

88% of Lodging Employees say the ESC program signals that their employer cares.

Smiling man in the food retail market

80% of Grocery Employees say ESC makes them proud to go to work.

Ecolab Science Certified Driving Consumer and Employee Confidence:

Create Clean

through science-based products, programs and procedures.
Icon of microscope.

Check Clean

through audits and training to support compliance, health and safety.
Icon of clean sparkles.

See Clean

through on-site signage and digital media.
Icon of Ecolab Science Certified paper and a pencil.

Believe Clean

through a national consumer awareness and education media campaign.

Key Program Elements

Backed by Ecolab’s deep scientific expertise and experience with the world’s biggest hospitality and foodservice brands, Ecolab Science Certified brings together the science-backed products, practices and training with periodic auditing performed by Ecolab experts to deliver a higher level of cleanliness. The program leverages Ecolab’s nearly 100 years of fighting pathogens and food-borne illnesses and our deep understanding of micro-organisms and expertise in chemistry, dispensing and public health.

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About the Program

The Ecolab Science Certified program includes:

  • The use of hospital disinfectants and food-safe sanitizers approved for use against the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens
  • Rigorous cleaning, hygiene and food safety practices informed by Health Canada and local health department guidelines
  • Pest elimination and water treatment solutions to address additional sources of infection transmission
  • Comprehensive staff training to reduce the potential for human error in following protocols and applying products correctly, particularly important for high staff turnover
  • On-site support through ongoing consultation and in-person coaching
  • An annual comprehensive hygiene and food safety audit that reviews provincial and federal requirements, correct product and equipment usage, completion of training modules, and documentation of corrective actions, with customer sign off.

The Ecolab Science Certified program is currently available in North America and China, to our hospitality, foodservice, food retail and facilities customers.

Ecolab Science Certified program restaurant worker in protective mask cleaning a patio table.

About the Protocols

Informed by Health Canada and best practices from other regulatory bodies, Ecolab has elevated our protocol and procedure recommendations to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in operations. The recommendations focus on additional disinfecting steps, increased frequency and duration, and expanding the scope for cleaning programs in the industries we serve.

Ecolab Science Certified program training on ipad tablet.

About the Training

Reducing risk in your operation requires a commitment to ensuring staff understand public health matters and proper procedures. Ecolab training specialists have designed an interactive curriculum with new courses specifically for the Ecolab Science Certified program centered on essential public health protocols, food safety and housekeeping best practices, covering the most relevant topics including COVID-19 basics, social distancing, proper use of PPE, heightened sanitation, and how to approach guest interactions.

Using Lobster Ink’s dynamic online training platform, Ecolab Science Certified customers can ensure fast onboarding, flexible learning, and detailed reporting for all employees, which is critical for businesses with high employee turnover.

Ecolab Science Certified program food safety training.

About the Audit

The Ecolab Science Certified audit completes the process of program implementation and provides consumers the confidence that all applicable program elements are in place and employee training has been completed. This audit assesses Ecolab standards and validates the critical areas that impact food safety, public health and guest experience and helps location managers take corrective action to mitigate risks. This expert assessment can be completed onsite by an EcoSure field specialist, or virtually by a remote EcoSure field specialist, in partnership with the unit level manager.

Learn more about how EcoSure specialists help improve brand compliance and risk mitigation.

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