Boosting Quality by Transforming the Process


Food safety is fundamental to people's health and well-being. We know that major foodborne diseases can be eliminated through efficient cleaning and disinfection. 

At Ecolab, we help produce 44% of the world's milk safely by supporting dairy farmers with cleaning, disinfection and training solutions so they can produce high-quality milk.



One of the main milk producers in Mexico had a high consumption of chemicals in its cleaning processes, which had repercussions such as low productivity in the plant, long cleaning times, microbiology problems, as well as over saturation in its wastewater treatment; this also caused problems with the municipal authorities. 
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Our Food and Beverage division team worked together with the customers’ quality and production teams. By mapping their cleaning processes was possible to identify improvements with different solutions and were implemented throughout the year, boosting productivity and reducing important costs for the customer.


Our specialists optimized their CIP (Clean in Place) processes, saving an average of $2 million pesos in water, increasing annual productivity by 760 man hours a year, and reducing $4 million pesos in chemicals.

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