XY-12 Disinfectant

XY-12® is a disinfectant and liquid biocide, based on sodium hypochlorite, for surfaces in the food industry. XY-12® can be used for microbiological control of water from cooling systems, swimming pools, tanks, etc., and can be used to disinfect water for human consumption. Also efficient in removing manganese, iron and color in water.

Benefits and Characteristics 

    • XY-12 is convenient to use due to its ease of dosing through sprinklers, feeders or chlorinators.
    • Rinse-free, does not leave sediments, deposits or films at a concentration no greater than 200 ppm of available chlorine
    • Quick action to combat a wide spectrum of microorganisms
    • Versatile multi-use disinfectant.
    • The minimal excess of alkalinity of XY-12 helps to ensure the rapid release and action of the active ingredient.
    • Highly concentrated 1.2 mL per liter provides 100 ppm of active chlorine.
    • Low alkalinity.