Antimicrobial acid product

ST-300 is a peroxyacetic acid-based product designed to be used as a processing aid in sugarcane applied to the surface of the product that inhibits microbial activity during cutting and milling of sugarcane. ST-300 is recommended for use on sugarcane cut in the harvest field and at the mill.

Used as directed, ST-300 inhibits the growth of microorganisms that reduce sucrose yield. The use of ST-300 as a processing aid, under conditions of use as instructed, complies with the FDA food additive regulations that support its FSMA and food safety program.

ST-300 is not used to control microorganisms on surfaces of equipment such as conveyors, presses.


  • Increases sugar yield potential.
  • ST-300 inhibits the microbial activity of Leuconostoc in sugarcane during harvest, optimizing the yield potential of sucrose to the mill.
  • ST-300 inhibits microbial activity in sugarcane at milling, allowing for higher sucrose yields throughout the process.
  • No need for pH control - provides effective microbial control at acidic or slightly alkaline pH.
  • No rinsing is required after application when used as directed.
  • ST-300 can be applied through automated dosing equipment.
  • It is easily diluted.
  • It decomposes quickly after use in water, oxygen and acetic acid.
  • Contact your local Ecolab representative for specific instructions for use and dosing equipment guidance.