P3-Oxonia Active™

Oxonia Active™
Acid Sanitizer

Oxonia ActiveTM is an EPA registered, peroxyacetic acid, antimicrobial agent with broad antimicrobial activity for use in a number of sanitizing applications in the beverage and food processing industries, as well as for sanitization of aseptic processing and packing equipment.

Characteristics and Benefits

    • Helps reduce food safety risk when used in a total Ecolab product and professional services program, since it provides kill against pathogenic organisms, even spore-forming microorganisms. See directions for use for list of organisms.
    • pH range tolerant - effective sanitizing activity at acidic to neutral pH.
    • Helps protect processing equipment investment - use solutions non-corrosive to 304, 316 stainless steel and aluminum surfaces when used at concentrations listed on the product label.
    • Compatible with most plastic and rubber materials used in processing operations.
    • Effective against environmental microorganisms that can adversely affect shelf-life. See directions for use for list of organisms.
    • Non-foaming formulation minimizes CIP cycle time and improves CIP efficiency.
    • Convenient to use – provides acidified rinse and sanitizer in one step - no post-rinse required.
    • Oxonia Active is OMRI certified for use as a hard surface food contact sanitizer in organic food processing facilities.
    • Low phosphorus formulation minimizes phosphate related effluent fees.
    • Active ingredients rapidly break down after use into water, oxygen and acetic acid.