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The profitability of your chemical plant depends upon the efficient use of water and energy. Heat exchanger performance is the key. Nalco Water offers OMNI: a comprehensive program combining in-depth system audits, 24/7 monitoring, unique diagnostic tools, and consultative services to optimize heat transfer and guarantee reliability. 

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Go inside your heat exchanger environment with test heat exchangers, non-invasive sensors, and 24/7 monitoring.

The Complete Solution:

OMNI Total Heat Exchanger Performance begins with an on-site audit to inspect and identify at-risk exchangers. Partnering with Microsoft, OMNI continually monitors heat transfer efficiency, and declining performance is quickly identified, allowing for a proactive response. The system’s status and KPI measurements can be viewed on the EnVision Dashboard. At the same time, the Sentinel™ Test Heat Exchanger replicates the cooling water conditions inside the heat exchanger to better understand the risk for corrosion, scale, and biofilm.


The OMNI cycle continually prevents performance declines, prolongs run lengths, and predicts maintenance needs before they become critical, boosting your plant’s profitability and reliability.