Inspexx™ 150

Antimicrobial agent for surface treatment of poultry and red meat, Inspexx 150 is recommended for use on poultry and red meat surfaces to reduce microbial contamination from pathogenic and spoilage/spoilage bacteria on poultry carcasses and red meat, on parts, trimmings and organs. Inspexx 150 can be added to water for spraying, washing, rinsing, dipping, cooling, blanching, or other process water; and in process water, ice or brine used to wash, rinse, store or cool preformed and processed poultry and red meat.

Inspexx 150 is permitted for use in static or continuous washing, washing or rinsing of food contact surfaces such as knives, cutters, conveyors or food processing equipment in order to remove coarse contamination during production. All food contact surfaces should be cleaned, followed by a potable water rinse and sanitized (using an EPA registered food contact surface disinfectant) as often as necessary to prevent the creation of unsanitary conditions and adulteration of the food. product.

Inspexx 150 should not be used to sanitize food contact surfaces or to reduce the microbial count in process water. When used as directed, the goal of Inspexx 150 is solely to reduce pathogenic bacteria and spoilage / spoilage bacteria on red meat or poultry surfaces. This product must be used in accordance with USDA / FSIS Directive 7120.1.


Improves Food Safety and Quality

  • Helps reduce pathogenic bacterial contamination in poultry carcasses / carcasses, red meat, parts, trimmings and organs:
  • Salmonella heidelberg
  • Salmonella newport
  • Salmonella braenderup
  • Salmonella hadar
  • Salmonella enteridis
  • Escherichia coli O157: H7
  • Campylobacter jejuni
  • Listeria monocytogenes

  • Helps reduce cross contamination from pathogenic bacteria that can cause product spoilage
  • Approved for online and offline reprocessing
  • Low reactivity with organic materials ensures constant dosing for microbial control

Environmental Implications

  • Does not contain chlorine species
  • Successfully integrated with wastewater pretreatment and complete treatment systems in conjunction with Ecolab Water Process Services
  • Less than 37 ppm phosphorus in the highest use range
  • Unique chemical system - effective in acidic to slightly alkaline pH
  • No activation or generation equipment required
  • Use a solution compatible with the equipment: stainless steel, aluminum, shackles, rails
  • Ingredients break down into water, oxygen, and acetic acid