Eco-Plus™ S.A.

When diluted, Eco-Plus™ S.A. Concentrate is a 10,000 ppm iodophor teat dip that contains a wetting agent and 8% emollients to help ensure adequate coverage and maximum germicidal activity.


  • Helps promote udder health and hygiene.
  • Equality effective against both infectious mastitis organisms and environmental types, such as Escherichia coli.
  • Non-irritating formula aids teat conditioning: Ready-to-use Eco-Plus is gentle on teats and hands.
  • Wetting agent allows product to cling to the teat.
  • Ready to use Eco-Plus contains an 8% emollient system to help maintain teat conditioning.
  • Versatile-Cost Efective.
  • Low viscosity formula reduces wasteful, excessive consumption.
  • Effective for both pre and post milking application one product does it all.