A white and blue structural image of an intelligent rodent monitoring system.

Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System

Featuring Pest Insights Map Powered by ECOLAB3D™ 

Data-driven insights and service for intelligent pest elimination. Gain visibility and greater control with a smart device program that pinpoints rodent activity, pressure points and high-risk areas.

Introducing the Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System 

The Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System is a next-level approach to achieving pest-free environments. Tailored to your facility's unique needs, it enables proactive and prescriptive service for your facility.

visual insights

Visual Insights

  • Data points are consolidated into highly visual, actionable insights
  • Device activity, status and service detail documented for proof of regulatory compliance

Smart, Connected Equipment

  • 24/7 monitoring with data transferred to Ecolab's secure cloud - on service or real-time*
  • Internal and external deployment
  • Monitoring includes high-risk, high-impact and hard-to-access areas

Onsite & Data Analytic Expertise

  • Ecolab Intelligence Center skillfully monitors and delivers insights
  • Your Ecolab Service Specialist is armed with data-driven insights to determine root cause and target high-risk areas

Explore Pest Insights Map Powered by ECOLAB3D

The Pest Insights Map Powered by ECOLAB3D visualizes data by consolidating data points into highly visual, actionable insights. Click around on the map below to learn more.

Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System Case Study

Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System Provides Greater Visibility & Prescriptive Service

An Ecolab Pest Elimination customer experiencing increased rodent pressure wanted to gain greater visibility into pest activity occurring at their facility. After implementing the Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System, the customer found an overall decrease in pest activity.

Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System

Intelligent Rodent Monitoring System

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