Professional HVAC coil cleaning agent spraying down a coil refrigeration system

COIL-FLO Coil Cleaning Program

Nalco Water has developed its COIL-FLO Program for deep cleaning of condenser and air handler coils. This innovative and patented cleaning system features a low flow rate and the proper PSI for penetration of the coils without damaging the sensitive fins. Certified service technicians safely clean cooling, heating and refrigerant coils and document HVAC performance improvements, including energy savings and carbon footprint reductions.

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The primary energy demand in operating an air conditioning system comes from the compression of refrigerant. The hotter the compressor receives the refrigerant from the process, the more energy is required for it to be forced through the condenser. Typically, an external chiller such as an air blast unit or open evaporative condenser is needed in order for it to become cold enough to absorb more heat from the process.

Where the refrigerant is not sufficiently cooled by the condenser, energy consumption increases as the refrigerant vapor pressure increases. It is essential for efficient air-conditioning operation that the condenser is able to easily reject heat through the heat exchange coils, and the cooling airflow. The coils must be free of dirt and debris in order to achieve this.

COIL-FLO technology keeps your coils clean and debris free

Professional HVAC coil cleaning agent spraying down a coil refrigeration system

The COIL-FLO Coil Cleaning Program removes microbial contaminants, dust, soil and debris from HVAC units and refrigerants, ensuring peak performance and efficient operation. The proprietary COIL-FLO equipment is operated by Nalco professionals and can be applied to all types of HVAC systems.


Patented COIL-FLO deep cleaning technology uses proprietary chemistries that penetrate deep into the inner core of coils without causing damage to the sensitive fins. COIL-FLO chemicals are highly-concentrated (mixed automatically), and the water flow rate is surprisingly low (although highly pressurized), all of which results in minimal use of storage containers, chemicals, and water. Incidentally, the portable COIL-FLO unit can operate in remote parts of the building without requiring a water source.


This technology is one reason Nalco is recognized as an Energy Star Partner by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Nalco is acknowledged as a provider of products and services that contribute to better indoor environmental quality, reduction in energy use, and a comprehensive contribution to environmental, economic and social sustainability.