Boost 3200 & 3201

Sanitizing Oxidizing Agent & Alkaline Adjuvant

Boost™ 3200 and Boost™ 3201 are a two-part solution to effectively disinfect food contact equipment and surfaces. It also helps to remove and control biofilm and other organic contaminants that are commonly found in drains, pipes, and hard-to-reach trunk lines.

Benefits and Characteristics 

    • No scrubbing required
    • Cost-competitive with other solutions
    • Easy to use, concentrated, 2-part liquid
    • EPA-registered, patented technology is specially formulated to penetrate and remove biofilm while acting as a Bactericide, Slimicide and Algicide
    • Allows for microbiocidal activity past the trap and full 360° coverage of the entire drain line
    • Kills bacteria that may cause odors
    • Effective against mold and mildew
    • Used as a one-time treatment or rotational maintenance program
    • Differentiated application to reduce high sporadic microbial counts
    • Easy and effective foam or pour directly into drains and trunk lines application
    • Non-acid, non-volatile
    • Phosphate free
    • Can be flushed into sanitary waste systems