Non-Chlorinated Alkaline Detergent

AC-SEEC is a heavy duty alkaline liquid detergent for Spray or CIP cleaning applications. When used in conjunction with a peroxide pre-treatment, this product allows for better removal of fat and protein residues in less time and at a lower temperature. AC-SEEC provides exceptional protection against staining of stainless steel surfaces that are cleaned at elevated temperatures during laundering.


Save money

  • Contains high alkaline activity for economical usage costs when used at recommended dilutions.
  • Formulated product allows effective cleaning of difficult substrates on hot surfaces.
  • Non-corrosive to stainless steel at recommended use dilutions, helping to protect investment in equipment.
  • Formulated product reduces the risk of staining on stainless steel surfaces when used with an oxidizing pre-treatment.

Save time

  • Eliminates the need for wetting agents - no additional mixing or dilution required.
  • Formula improves performance of peroxide pretreatment additives
  • Its improved formulation helps reduce the need for frequent acid cleaning.

Promotes Quality Assurance

  • Improves finished product quality and shelf life when used in conjunction with Ecolab's professional services and program.
  • Stains effectiveness when used at elevated temperatures for recirculating or spray washing.

 Environmentally responsible

  • Does not contain phosphorus.