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Improved Production + 3,550% ROI from Oil-Water Separation Treatment



When an operator in South Texas received increased production from previously shut-in wells, the separation issues in his storage tanks compounded. The production, sourced from a field with a history of microbe-related production problems, carried a large influx of oil-wet iron sulfide solids into the processing facility. Daily oil production grew erratic, and sampling indicated oil carryover four times beyond the 50-ppm allowed maximum for disposal water.

Oil carryover was four times beyond the 50-ppm allowed maximum for disposal water.


Nalco Champion designed a treatment program to help oil quality meet sales specs and waste water comply with disposal standards while reducing the size of the emulsion pad in the gun barrel tank. Our specialty chemistries improved fall-out of solids in the storage tanks, reduced plugging by oxidizing iron and organics, and improved the precipitation of suspended inorganic solids.



Oil carryover in waste water decreased to about 50 ppm from more than 200 ppm, and the emulsion pad shrank from five feet to less than one inch in thickness.

Enhanced separation led to improved steady-state production, from an erratic 97 b/d to a consistent 100 b/d average. The result? A 3550% return on investment with nearly $55,000 in annual increased oil sales.

Return on Investment: 3,550%

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